Birake Exchange integrates Polis.

The Polis coin has been having many changes, as we are sure you have seen, since the integration of the DAO team. These changes can be seen in the new exchanges added and partnerships we have gained.

This time around, we are glad to inform that you can now find Polis on Birake exchange.

Birake’s mission is to offer both, exchange owners and users of Birake network, the largest database of orders / users, and in the same time to achieve high trade volumes.

A little bit about the Exchange.

Birake inter-connects exchanges from its network and share orders & assets between them. Moreover, it provides future trading platform owners the flexibility to incorporate their own domain name brand, logo and personalization of their exchange platforms. The Birake Network is a central database of orders which are openly shared among all exchanges run on the network. Similarly, traders can have access to multiple exchange platforms at once through the Birake exchanges network.

White Label Exchange Platform.

Having a White Label Exchange Platform means you have no worries regarding technical implementation, servers, hosting, customer support, client support, development, security…all of this and much more will be supported by Birake company.
After you choose the package you are interested in and they conclude the agreement, you will have access to a demo trading platform which you can customize it in any way you like. It will be hosted on your domain, with your logo, branding etc.

The cryptocurrency exchange platform is live and ready for delivery. You can check it at the following link:

Right now they are testing the layer on top of Birake exchange for gathering statistics for webmasters.

As you can see, this addition is a perfect fit for the vision and overall future of our favorite coin, and as we value our community above anything else, this was thoroughly selected to bring you only the best.

Since this decision was taken for you, we want to hear your opinion, please share your thoughts with anyone from our team, through constant feedback is the best way to keep improving together.

Polis Chain is a fast, secure, and extensible blockchain that allows people to easily integrate cryptocurrencies into day to day interactions.