Bridges Announcement

Hello Polis Community!

We hope you are as excited as we are to use the Olympus mainnet, our own community governed smart chain that was just recently launched successfully.

As of block 361,898 (80,000 blocks from now), some time around Thursday, the POSDAO contract will be fully enabled, meaning community members will be able to setup validators and become candidates so that the community can start delegating their stake and supporting the validator of their choice, being rewarded for that. A separate guide on validators will be made available soon.

We are glad to announce today that the bridge from the Binance Smart Chain into Olympus will be made available around a 1000 blocks after POSDAO is enabled, for everyone to easily migrate their coins into Olympus.

If you want to learn more about the process, please refer to the following guides and if you have any sort of trouble please open a support ticket on our Discord channel.

The team is sorting out some details on the bridge from Olympus into Binance Smart Chain. We will post a separate announcement when this is available later this week.

Edit: the post was edited to account for a miscalculation of the POSDAO enabling date, as described in the following announcement on Discord.

Hello Polis Community,

A small, yet important update regarding the bridge. The bridge will be enabled at the same time as the POSDAO consensus at block 361,898 + ~1000 blocks (at some point on Thursday), and not on Tuesday 5pm UTC as said on the announcement, as the creation of the bridge requires POSADO to be enabled. The time difference was created by a small hiccup on the chain, that delayed block production by an offset of 1–2 days, originally the POSDAO was meant to be enabled tomorrow. The POSDAO enabling block is set at the consensus level, so it is impossible to update this without updating the chain and causing a fork among currently running nodes, so the original POSDAO consensus activation block will remain. The article will be updated to reflect this, and announcements will be created to update the community on the bridge status.

Thank you.

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