Olympus public testnet goes live.

We are pleased to announce the first Olympus Public Testnet V1.0

In the current version you will only be able to run validators on the command line without a GUI wallet. We are close to finishing the GUI wallet with validator functionality, we estimate this to be ready next week. In the coming days we will be releasing small updates/features and increase the testnet version to V1.X

  • Show the community the nearly finished Olympus chain.
  • Make you familiar with the VPS commands.
  • Get more validators and traffic on the testnet.
  • Find potential bugs or things you want to see improved.
  • Make better guides for all skill levels.
  1. Official Github Repository: https://github.com/olympus-protocol/ogen/releases
  2. Installer script/Instructions for Ogen and Validators for your VPS (by Crypto_Sharks): Please visit #olympus-ptn (will be further updated when needed)
  3. Support : For any issues please open a ticket in #🆘support-ticket. We will look into each ticket and try to solve accordingly. Please be aware support for the testnet is not handled as fast as for the current chain.
  4. Lightweight Olympus wallet for Chrome (extension) + short guide : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/obol-olympus-wallet/hjhlelhnaphmlfadnaankgdlhdnpomgo?hl=en PDF : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B-mKvTb0QBm2OLElYl6_IeCz7SS04tld/view?usp=sharing
  5. Official Olympus Blockexplorer : http://explorer.oly.tech/home
  6. To receive tPolis (testnet Polis coins) : Please visit #olympus-request-coins

We are working very hard to make sure installing Ogen and running validators will be as easy as possible, even for people with little technical knowledge.

We are confident that the learning curve will be even lower than our current blockchain.

The Olympus Code Base is currently being audited by an external company.

After we receive the final report and fix the potential bugs we will prepare to launch the official Olympus chain as soon as possible.

Polis Chain is a fast, secure, and extensible blockchain that allows people to easily integrate cryptocurrencies into day to day interactions.