Polis Block Slasher Game

After all the various changes our project has gone through, it is finally time for the release of a new game!

Our beloved team member and DAO manager Hans published his Blockslasher game and we hope it will bring some fun to our community! It’s a pretty simple and straightforward game for our community and it allows players to win Polis.

o celebrate the fact that our validators are producing our own blocks again, how about slashing some blocks yourself to get a high-score? Anyone with a Metamask wallet connected to Olympus with at least 1 Polis in it can participate. Playing is free. Your wallet address will be anonymously linked to your score, if you are in the top 10 of high scores by midnight November 30, you will win a prize!

We will link new high scores to automatically post in #fun on our discord server, so you can see what score to beat! The link to the game will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for some fun!

Follow this link here to get in to the fun with our Blockslasher game and win some Polis:


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