Polis & Meter.io — Unlocking DeFi Potential on Polis Chain

We’re happy to announce the addition of Polis to Passport.meter.io!

Meter’s passport bridge connects Polis Chain to Binance Smart Chain and enables DAI Stablecoin assets transfer between these two chains. This is a huge step for our Community and it will play a key role to enhance liquidity on Polis Chain for its upcoming DEX Hades Swap. Meter Passport enables free movement of assets across the heterogeneous networks.

Meter Passport addresses the key aspects of bridge transfer between Polis Chain and Binance Smart Chain;

  1. Architecture: One of Meter’s goals is maximizing interoperability with other public blockchains. Meter Passport is a N-way multi-chain router that enables smart contracts to both transfer assets and communicate across blockchains.
  2. Assets: Meter Passport will support seamless transfer of DAI between Polis Chain and Binance Smart Chain at launch
  3. Security: Meter Passports multi chain router multi-sig contract is secured by five relayers including Protofire, Harshquark, Wetez, InfinityStones, and Meter team. Meter Passport works with a 3/5 threshold. 3 out of 5 the relayers group secured the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge with more than $300M value locked on the bridge and the other relayers are highly reputable staking service providers validating on Polkadot, BSC, Cosmos, and many other PoS networks.
  4. Bridge cost: The bridge cost includes cost of transaction fees on source chain (paid by user during initiation of transfer) and bridge fee (comprising of operational cost of bridge infrastructure across 5 relayers and transaction fee on destination chain). The bridge cost is significantly low across all participating networks with an exception of Ethereum.
  5. Highly Integrated Meter Wallet: Wallet.meter.io is highly integrated web wallet that hold information of all participating networks and assets. You can easily leverage wallet.meter.io to add networks and assets to your MetaMask wallet.
  6. Additional Networks: In addition of transfer of assets between Polis Chain and Binance Smart Chain, Meter Passport also opens up possibilities of transfer of assets with Ethereum, Moonriver, Avalanche, Theta, Energy Web Chain and Meter Mainnet in the future.
  7. Key Deployments: Meter Passport is now battle tested with key deployments and one of the most secure, decentralized and stable bridge solutions in the space.
    a) Supported Blockchains — Ethereum, Moonriver, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Theta, Energy Web Chain and Meter.
    b) Partner DApps — Ampleforth (AMPL transfer and its inter-blockchain smart contract calls for rebasing), Seascape, Polkmarkets, UTU, Rai Finance, DefiCliq, BEPRO Network

Below are the key aspects that might interest you further;

  1. Highly Secure Meter Passport V2: The upcoming V2 version will support an unlimited number of relayers running consensus on the status of the source chains through the HotStuff consensus on Meter and create threshold signature -based verifications
  2. Additional Networks + Assets: Each new network and asset added to Meter Passport opens up new possibilities to the Polis Chain Community.

About Meter.io

Meter.io is a highly decentralized Ethereum scaling solution with a built-in metastable gas currency. It connects to Ethereum and other blockchains as a layer-two protocol and allows smart contracts to scale and communicate seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks.

Read about how to use the Meter passport bridge in our Docs:

A milestone for the launch of Hades Swap

With this service you will be able to transfer your DAI to the Olympus Network in case you plan to provide liquidity to Hades Swap the first AMM DEX on Polis Chain in the coming days.

Expect more to come on Hades Swap in near future!

Please follow Hades Swap’s Twitter and join their Telegram and Discord Server for future updates and news!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hadesswap
Discord: https://discord.gg/NKVC6bEtn5
Telegram: https://t.me/hadesswap

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