Polis Project Weekly Updates (08/05 to 08/11)

Polis Core.

On our journey to making the coin even more accessible to everyone, we stumbled upon a requirement regarding the P2PB2B exchange, where we had been listed for quite some time now.


We continue to work on the testnet with reaching perfection on running things smoothly.

DAO Proposal.

Our managers are starting with a boom!

Polis Pay.

The error on broadcasting that was mentioned on the previous issue has now been fixed, alongside the transaction bug when using Rapids coin. Everything is up and running now!

  • A fix on the MasterNode withdrawal issue from mobile wallets.
  • Small re-design.


It’s time to set your alarms and stay alert for the release date, it’s coming soon.

Polis Nodes.

You know there’s always room for change, that is why we continue to evolve here as well.

Community Management and Outreach.

Our friend Melchionda continues to surprise us in his endeavor to bringing updated information to our community.

DAO Management.

We have been receiving many questions and comments directed to our managers!

Polis Chain is a fast, secure, and extensible blockchain that allows people to easily integrate cryptocurrencies into day to day interactions.